What are typical treatments for a thyroid nodule?

Options. Depends on the size of the nodule, you can either do an ultrasound guided biopsy to rule out cancer or follow it with yearly ultrasound to make sure that it's not growing or do the biopsy if it grows. If it's causing swallowing/breathing problem or if it's producing extra hormone, surgical removal is also an option. If biopsy showed cancer, you will need surgery.
Nodule. Typically nodules are not "treated". Large nodules greater than1 centimeter need to be biopsied. Very large nodules over 3-5 cm need removal.
Depends. Malignant nodules are treated surgically. As long as thyroid function is normal, no treatment is usually required for benign nodules. Thyroid function tests and nodule size measured with ultrasound should be checked periodically.

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What are the different treatments for thyroid nodules?

Most Are Benign. Doctors' dont "treat" thyroid nodules unless there is concern for cancer or they get big enough that they cause problems. Solitary nodules are more concerning for cancer than thyroids with multiple nodules in them. If there is a concern for ca they are biopsied. If worrisome, the half portion of the thyroid with the nodule is removed, not just the nodule. See my comment below for more. Read more...
Depends. Some nodules are observed, some are recommended to be removed via a hemithyroidectomy or total thyroidectomy. All nodules over 1 cm need to be evaluated by an endocrinologist or thyroid surgeon and many will need to be biopsied. Read more...