What are the differences between swine flu and other types of the flu?

Different strains. There are a large number of different varieties of influenza virus that have natural affinity for different species. Bird flu and swine flu are two such strains. The animal viruses occasionally acquire the ability to infect humans.

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Is 98 nomal I got the flu shot but I got a cold do I have the swine flu because of the shot I think cold sytoms but why is it normal to get sick?

Flu shot can NOT. Give you the flu. A body temp of 100.4 or greater is considered a fever. You can get a fever fighting off viral or bacterial infections. Usually colds are viral. Practice good hand washing when out in public after touching common objects-shopping carts, etc. Avoid contact with secretions from sick people to help avoid catching a virus. Flu symptoms are sudden onset of fever 100.4, chills, cough etc.
Symptoms. Sometimes you get the same symptoms as the actual diseaea with vaccination, sometimes you get infected with a different strain of virus than the one in the vaccine.

He is battling to get rid of the flu. Could he have swine flu. Will augmentin antibiotics work?

Mgt. An inbox consultation may help to determine if antibiotics or testing are needed. Both may be ordered by a Healthtap physician. Viral infections that are uncomplicated by bacterial illness, do not require antibiotics.