What are steps a person can take to cure the common cold?

NO cure - sx relief. Cold Tips: For sore throat – gargle with warm salt water (1/2 tsp salt in 8 oz of water). * For congestionsaline nose drops or a neti pot. *For anti-inflammatory effect & mobilizing mucus- homemade chicken noodle soup.**For hydration- lots of water. Try clear broth. * Add honey & a small amt. of lemon juice to Chamomile tea.
Colds arn't cured. The average common cold last 10 days measures such as increasing fluids getting appropriate rest blowing your nose sucking on candy using a humidifier can help make you more comfortable. If the symptoms really interfere with eating sleeping normal activity saline washes or otc decongestant sprays/tabs/or syrups can provide short term relief.