What are some pros and cons of a home birthing?

Many pros & cons. In general i advocate of home birth but it is not for everyone. Home births have much lower risk of c-section & tend to be much less expensive but one must be prepared for a natural birth.Most births throughout history have been home births.It's important to have a good midwife & access to a hospital if needed. See www.Justmommies.Com/pregnancy/labor-and-childbirth/the-pros-and-cons-to-home-birth.

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I was wondering what are some pros and cons of home birthing?

Home birth. I'm afraid all I can give you are cons as I feel this is very unsafe. I am quite jaded though as one who has delivered over 500 babies, many of whom would have died if delivered at home. This does not include 3 of my grandchildren who's birth I witnessed who would have died at home. There are just too many things that can happen with a "normal" birth that without trained people and equipment. Read more...