What are some of the causes for retinal vasculitis?

Autoimmune Diseases. The list is extensive. Infectious causes include syphilis, toxoplasmosis, lyme disease. Drugs such as rifabutin. Systemic diseases such as behcet syndrome, systemic lupus ertythematosus, multiple sclerosis, polyarteritis, again the iist is long. Vasculitis affects the entire body. Please see an rheumatologist, a primary care provider and an ophthalmologist regularl.

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What are causes for retinal vasculitis?

Need evaluation. Retinal vasculitis implies there is inflammation of the retinal blood vessels and the signs of it are found on retinal exam. Rheumatogic disease, immune diseases, saracoidosis, multiple sclerosis and other rare disorders can all cause it. You need a thorough evaluation by an internist or rheumatologist. Do this soon. Don't wait.

What leads to retinal vasculitis?

See details. Having a systemic vasculitis or connective tissue disorder that can have vasculitis as a component.

Diagnosed w/ RA. All blood work negative but anticcp +17, sore hands/tenosynovitis with ultrasound. Now have retinal vasculitis r/eye. Related?

Could be. Rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis are related in that both occur as the result of unusual and inappropriate inflammatory reactions directed at certain tissues of the body. Therefore, yes the 2 processes could be related from an autoimmune standpoint.
RA. Hi, have you seen a Uveitis or Retinal specialist? Retinal vasculitis does occur with arthritis and related collagen vascular disorders (CVD's). Let your Rheumatologist refer you to one of the above specialists.

What is the difference between presentation of diabetic retinopathy vs retinal vasculitis? (w/o diabetes/prediabetes) Could it be a predictor?

Looking in the eye. They look very different. With diabetic there's new vessels. They can pop (retinal bleed), but more typical is gradual worsening of the vessels, scar, gradual blindness without big changes. Vasculitis would usually cause more dramatic changes.