My hemoglobin A1c result was 6.1. Is this normal?

No - incr DM risk. We used to consider hemoglobin A1c (hgba1c) <6% as normal w/6-7 considered good control for diabetes. A couple of yrs ago, we relabeled <5.7 as normal w/5.7-6.4 as increase risk for diabetes while >6.4 is considered consistent w/diabetes. Talk to your family doc, change your eating habits & increase your physical activity. Then recheck in 3mo as hgba1c represents running 3mo average of blood sugar.

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My tsh test results are 1.42 my eag is 111 and my hemoglobin a1c is 5.5 is all this normal I cant ask my doctor till I go back in several weeks?

FATIGUE EVAL. Yes , TSH and HBA1C are normal. You need full EXAM AND labs. CBC/CMP/B12/FOLATE /TFTS/VITD/CRP//SED RATE//IRON STUDIES/LYME TITERS. Start a. Gluten free diet And high potency vitamins. Then review results if no firm diagnosis is made, a sleep study may be necessary many subtle sleep disorders cause Fatigue. Read more...