My 2-year-old's pediatrician gave me budesonide inhalation suspension to take care of his weezing. Isn't that usually used for asthma?

Yes but. Yes, however, it can also be used for croup and other respiratory conditions. In a survey in the new england journal of medicine, half of all 3 year olds had had at least one episode of wheezing in their lives. I am therefore reluctant to give the diagnosis of "asthma" to any child under 4, because that would mean that roughly half of my patients have asthma!
Whatever you call . It - asthma, bronchitis, wheezing , reactive airway disease, Budesonide is given to help decrease the swelling / inflammation in the lungs.
Both. Yes, but asthma means that the child wheezes.So treatment for asthma and wheezing can be the same.