Is sedation dentistry dangerous? I have no courage whatsoever to go through it even with laughing gas.

Not when done proper. If your health is fine, and the doctor has all the monitoring systems for it then should be able to handle sedation dentistry.
1303 permit. Sedation dentistry should only be preformed by qualified dentists in a properly equipped facility. In arizona, you must have 1303, 1302, or 1301 permit to do sedation. That means the facility has had an anesthesia evaluator ( such as myself) come to the facility and give the dr. An oral examination to obtain this permit. Check you local dental board for credentialing.
Dr. Tadros. As with any medical procedure there are risks involved but in a properly trained and equipped office the patient is under constant monitoring .You should consult with a sedation trained dds to review your dental and medical history and medications you take to determine what kind of sedation techniques and drugs to use.
It depends. Some dentists take a weekend course called docs and learn how to give a hand full of valium type pills. Tis is the least predictable and riskiest method. Others, like myself work with board certified anesthesiologists to do the sedation. This way the dentist focuses on dentistry and the anesthesiologist on keeping you safely asleep. If the dentist has a cerec they can make your crowns as well.
No . As long as the doctor and the team is trained in sedation, your experience will be fantastic. Laughing gas is one of the safest gases available.
It's very SAFE! It is safe to have sedation dentistry but only if the individual is properly trained, have proper equipment for monitoring the patient, and also appropriate emergency medications and equipment for possible complications. Make sure you ask anyone thoroughly the process and if need be, their level of sedation training and equipment.
Risks. There are some risks with all anesthetics and sedation. Dentistry today is relatively painless, it really is. You should find a dentist with a good reputation in your community and discuss your anxiety. Let the dentist evaluate what form of sedation would be for you. You can do it, just take the first step.
It depends. On who is doing the sedation and how it is done. Make sure that the dentist is licensed in his/her state to perform sedation and ask how long they have been doing it, how many cases they have done and what their training is. Also ask if it is oral sedation or IV sedation. Iv sedation can be safer than oral sedation because it allows finer control of the sedation.
It has risk. Any sedation can be dangerous but most people do not have an adverse reaction. You should consider valium with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as a safer alternative.
Sedation dentistry. I would suggest that you get a consultation with the dentist and ask specific questions related to being sedated. Risks will depend on your current health and health history. Good luck.