Is it safe to give your child intuniv?

If prescribed. You and your doctor must weigh the potential risks and benefits when deciding to use Intuniv (guanfacine) or any medication. This does not mean he/she/anyone can guarantee that there will be no adverse effects. Since no medication is ever 100% safe in 100% of people, the key issue is whether the potential benefits out-weigh the risks. In the end, the only way to really find out is to try it.
Intuniv=clonidine. Intuniv is a long acting form of clonidine, a medication used for a long time to treat anxiety and tics. If a child has ADHD and anxiety, it can be helpful to relieve the anxiety. It can be sedating so start with a low dose and move up slowoy.
Yes. Intuniv is long acting Guanfacine which has been around for decades & has been used for add in short acting form hat long. It is effective to quell hyperactivity & impulsivity all day. Main adverse effect is drowsiness. Monitor blood pressure & pulse since it acts in brain to decrease BP & slow pulse. These side effects rarely happen when dosed as fda approved. Used w/ stimulant for best result.