Is it safe to give hydroxyzine to a 5 year old that is having dental work performed?

Check which one... It is important to check which form of Hydroxyzine you are using as well. Hydroxyzine pam (pamoate) will help with anxiety. Hydroxyzine hcl (hydrochloride) won't help much. I have even seen pharmacists mix these up and dispense the wrong one on multiple occasions. If you would like a safer and easier over-the-counter medication, try liquid benadryl (diphenhydramine). It's chemically very similar to Hydroxyzine pam.
In proper dosage. It is safe to give Hydroxyzine to a 5 year old before dental procedures. Hydroxyzine is an anti anxiety medication that helps to calm a patient before surgery or similar procedure. It is used to also to control tension and agitation caused by emotional stress but should not be used with a variety of other medications. Hence it should be given only as prescribed by a doctor.