Is it dangerous to get on a plane after scuba diving?

It depends. Safe time periods between your last dive and flight vary depending on how many dives you did and how aggressive your dives were (how deep and how long). You should be safe though if you wait 24 hrs.
There are slightly. Different variations on recommendations. Rgbm table rules: wait at least 12 her after 1 dive w/in last 18 hrs; 15 hrs for 2 dives ; 18 hrs after 3 dives before flying. Agree w dr. Wyatt as well.
It can be... The amonut of diving and the profiles of the dive (s) all impact the amount of residual nitrogen in the body. No diving medical organization recommneds flying immediately after diving. Some dive computers will calculate a 'safe' interval for you, but the best recommendation is to wait at least 12 hours, 18-24 if you have made repeated, deep, or decompression dives.
Depends upon. The depth and duration of the dive and the time interval from the end of the dive to the departure of the aircraft and at what altitude the aircraft is flying. This all has to do with the tissue nitrogen accumulation during scuba diving which needs to resolve at 1ata before ascending in a pressurized aircraft.
Proper ascending? If you don't have any problem during/after your dive, you can fly right afterward. If you have rapid ascending which can cause eardrum to burst, rapid expansion of belly gas, and more importantly the lungs, and even bubbling of your blood which cause "air-embolism" which is dangerous. So, if you properly ascend and have no symptoms, you can fly--inside cabin is pressurzied anyway. Good luck.