Is rectal bleeding associated with prostate cancer?

Possibly. Depending on the stage of the prostate cancer, rectal bleeding can be present. However, if it an early stage prostate cancer, rectal bleeding is generally not associated with prostate cancer. Also, previous radiation treatment for prostate cancer may cause rectal inflammation and cause subsequent rectal bleeding but this generally resolves over time.
Would be unusual. Yes the prostate gland literally sits next to the front of the rectum but there is a layer of tissue between the two such that it would be rare for prostate cancer to erode into rectum and cause rectal bleeding. Many men with prostate cancer are treated with radiation therapy and that can cause rectal tissue irritation which can then cause bleeding.

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Hello my husband is only 38 and is a truck driver who has bee experiencing blood in stool should that b a sign of prostate cancer?

See a doctor. Your husband needs to see a primary care physician. Although typically not an initial sign of prostate cancer, blood in the stool can be from any number of things. This can be from the not so serious (hemorrhoids) to life threatening (bleeding in the stomach or intestine). Get him to the doctor. Read more...
Get evaluated. Blood in the stool can be due to bleeding hemorrhoids or a small tear from passing a large stool. His sitting for a living with little exercise is a risk for constipation. Blood in stools is also a possible sign of colon cancer. I recommend he be evaluated to determine the cause of his symptoms. Prostate cancer can be evaluated by blood test and exam. Read more...