I am having short term memory problems after brain cancer treatments. Is there any way to improve my memory?

Many have catalogued. Cognitive deficits after brain radiotherapy treatment. Few are permanent, but some may me. Time will tell, and no specific post treatment pill fixes this. Another image is needed to assure that there are no anatomic causes, and there are issues like hydrocephalus that need evalaution. Formal testing of cognition can measure change, positive or negative. Discuss with oncologist/neurologist.

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I'm having short term memory problems after brain cancer treatments can you help?

Your treating Doctor. Ask your treating doctor. He/she knows your case much better than i can venture to guess. Memory can be affected by brain tumors or by treatment. There is no immediate solution to this problem; it may get better with time provided your cancer is under control. Read more...

Short term memory problems after brain cancer treatments, what do you recommend?

Monitoring & consult. This is not uncommon, and can improve, but without good pre and post surgical neurological and neuropsychological evaluation it can be difficult to determine the cause or course. Subjective memory complaints are often not related to actual performance. Consultation with the treating providers and a neuropsychologist would be a place to start. Read more...