How come women have vaginal itchiness? Is there a way to cure it?

Yeast? Often vaginal infection is caused by candidia, a yeast. Easy to treat, see your dr. As recurrent infection with this may signal diabetes.

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What are some causes of vaginal itchiness?

Yeast, herpes, bact. Many things can cause that, including allergies to something, your gyn can do a culture and exam to see what is causing the problem.

What happen to cause the outside vaginal itchiness?

Many causes. Dry skin, ingrown hair follicle, excess sweat, tight underwear, infrections (yeast, herpes, staph, genital lice), allergy, autoimmune rash, hormonal changes, among others. Best to have gynecologist check.

I've been having vaginal itchiness at random times. It doesn't last for long. Longest was a day. What could the causes be? Started about 2-3 weeks ago

Tough to say. Without an exam when you are experiencing the itch, it would be tough to diagnose you, and the answers over the computer would be guesses only, such as a minor yeast infection that is intermittent. Yeast is normally found in the vagina, and only when it "overgrows" does it become problematic and "infectious." best to get eval when you're itching. Good luck.

How do you immediately get rid of vaginal itchiness?

Immediately? You need to know what is causing it first. See your doctor for a pelvic exam and get the answer.

I being having vaginal itchiness and peeling. I'vee tried applying lotion but it hasn't work?

Go see your doctor. Vaginal itchiness that doesn't respond to over-the-counter lotion needs to be evaluated by your family doctor or planned parenthood to determine type of infection (if any) and appropriate treatment.