Does having a thyroid disease make your pregnancy high risk?

Absolutely! Thyroidopathies are one of the most common reasons for high-risk pregnancy status. They can cause preterm birth, preeclampsia, diabetes mellitus, fetal goiter, fetal hyperthyroidism, cretinism, fetal arrhythmias among other complications. Finally, postpartum depression may be more common in the context of thyroidopathy.
Possibly. With known thyroid disease, please plan with your OB & endocrinologist before you get pregnant so that your thyroid is under control to maximize success for healthy pregnancy. Ob's always screen for thyroid dysfunction. Your TSH should be in an optimal range which your OB can discuss with you. If diagnosed with thyroid disease during pregnancy, OB 's will make getting it under control a priority.

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Does having a thyroid disease make you a high risk pregnancy?

Not always. It increases your risk of complications but if you treat the thyroid disease properly, there is no reason to expect anything bad will happen with the pregnancy. It's important to get it trated correctly.

Can having a thyroid disease make you at high risk, for a high risk pregnancy?

More tests needed. It does not truly make you high risk but your thyroid hormone does need to be monitored more closely during pregnancy (via blood tests). If your thyroid is underactive, often the thyroid medication needs to be increased. Certain medications for overactive thyroid need to me changed during pregnancy as well. Correcting your thyroid levels is important for your baby's growth and development.
It could. Thyroid disease includes conditions with both too much (hyperthyroid) and too little (hypothyroidism) thyroid hormone. These pt.

Does having thyroid disease make you a high risk pregnancy?

Yes. Thyroid disease in pregnancy tends to fluctuate and tends to require the services of a high risk maternal fetal medicine (mfm) specialist along with the OB md for management.
Absolutely! Thyroidopathies can increase your risk for multiple adverse perinatal outcomes - seek care with an endocrinologist and/or maternal-fetal medicine specialist throughout this pregnancy.