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What are the side effects of breast enlargement pills?

From nil to many. The effects will vary from virtually no side effects or results to more extensive effects particularly if they are hormonal analogues, with similar effects to oral contraceptives or estrogen replacement with head aches, weight or fluid gain, tenderness, masses, increased clotting tendencies, etc.

Hi dotor, can I use breast enlargement pills for bigger breasts? Are they result in side effects?

Well. I'm not sure of the efficacy of pills for that purpose, make sure fda approved before u spend tons of money.
No. There is no safe way to grow or reduce breasts... Whether with supplements or medications. Augmentation with a plastic surgeon is the only safe way.
Save your money. There no pills that will safely enlarge your breasts. Think about it, what makes that pill only effect breast tissue? And if it does wouldn't you worry that it could stimulate your tissue to grow like breast cancer does. I would very Leary of any claims that it makes. Remember the FDA does not regulate supplements or vitamins like they do drugs.

Have researchers discovered some side effects of getting a breast enlargement?

Many but +outweigh- There are many potential negatives but the positives outweigh the negatives and include: infection, hematoma, wound breakdown, asymmetry, implant exposure/extrusion/rupture overcorrection/undercorrection, contour irregularity, capsular contracture, distortion with muscular contraction, interference with oncologic evaluation of the breast, interference with nipple sensation, nursing or aging, etc.