Can lactobacillus acidophilus supplements cause cavities?

Probably not. The main cavity causing bacteria is streptococcus mutans. They take in sugars from our diet and convert it to acid which in turn, eats away at the enamel of teeth. Good brushing habits and smart eating habits like minimizing ones refined sugar consumption are the best line of defense against developing cavities. Also, a regular dental check up and Fluoride treatment can help keep decay at bay.

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What are some yogurts with live cultures or lactobacillus acidophilus supplements?

Stonyfield, Culturele. If you really want the benefits of lactobacillus acidophilus I advise taking it as a supplement, as most yogurts have little if any live cultures. Stonyfield farms is one brand that does have live cultures. For supplements good brands include culturelle, bio-k+, primal defense, dr. Ohirra's & probiotic pearls. See http://www. Probiotic-info. Com/probiotic-supplements-compared/ for more info.