Why do microorganism thrive in wounds of people with diabetes?

Bacteria thrive . Bacteria thrive in a medium of sugar, in fact many of the culture media (where we grow and identify bacteria in a laboratory) have a lot of sugar in it. They use it as their fuel as we do.
Diabetic wound infec. After many years of clinical experience, just about any bacteria can be found in a wound. Some are very common as with staphylococcus aureus; others can be very uncommon.
Diabetic infections. Diabetics are more prone for infections: 1. Blood sugar/excess glucose in the body is generally a good medium for bacteria to grow. 2. Function of white blood cells are impaired reducing the immunity3. Foot infections are usually complicated by reduced blood flow due to peripheral vascular disease. This in effect causes reduced migration of infection fighting wbc, decrease availability of antibiot.