Will I be in pain after removing a cervical polyp?

Maybe a little. Any pain due to removal of a cervical polyp is usually limited to the procedure itself, and you can generally return to your everyday activities almost immediately. Taking Ibuprofen before the procedure can reduce pain, and most individuals find that if they need any pain medicine at all afterward, Ibuprofen is sufficient. You may also have some spotting after the procedure.
Unlikely. There is usually no pain after removal but a little bleeding would not be uncommon.

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Having bloat/pinch pains in pelvic region. Dr said have cervical polyp. Did pap b4 removing. UA normal. Last pap 6m ago normal. Why the pains & bloat?

Many possibilities. Your pain and bloating may not be related to the polyp at all. Polyps usually cause irregular bleeding but otherwise are asymptomatic. Pain and bloating could be a symptom of ovarian cancer or ovarian cysts. A thorough work up should be performed including transvaginal ultrasound. Pelvic pain has many possible causes. See your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. Read more...