Toddler constipation treatment?

Need to see a doctor. Constipation could be many reasons. Some toddler are not taking enough fibers or not drink enough fluid, but thyroid problem is another possibility. You should the toddler check with the doctor and find out the cause.
Change diet. It depends on diet. Toddlers tend to love carbs and all foods "white." Change all white foods to whole grain and whole wheat for starters. The intestines need lots of water, so increase water intake and decrease milk. Offer lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Pears and prunes work well. If all else fails talk to your doctor about using something like Miralax (polyethylene glycol).
Dietary Fiber or.. 1st of all, constipation includes discomfort from not pooping frequently enough. A simple answer is more fiber such as several ounces of prune juice per day.If more is needed, consult with your pediatrician regarding laxative use.

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