Does it hurt to get a dental crown?

Just the anesthetic. Once you get the anesthetic to numb your tooth and your gums, everything else should be pain free, drilling the tooth can be noisy and annoying but that's all, the impressions to make the mould for the lab are usually done in the same visit, if your dentist uses a cerec machine you can get your crown the same day, or you can get a temporary crown until your next visit.
Usually not. Most crowns are done in 2 visits. First the tooth is prepared, has an impression taken, and is temporized. This is done with anesthetic, and the tooth should be numb. On the 2nd visit the crown is tried in, adjusted, and cemented. For most teeth this visit is minor & anesthetic is not used. All that is felt is a minor sensitivity to the cold air. You can be numbed for that visit too, if you want.
Should be painless. Modern dentistry should provide you with a comfortable experience for all phases of treatment. If the tooth is vital (never had a root canal) than a local anesthetic will numb th etooth so that you do not feel anything during the treatment for a crown. If the tooth has had a previous root canal you may not need any local anesthetic.
No, it does not. Preparing for a dentalCrown and having a dentalCrown physically placed are not painfulTreatments.Patient comfort is ensured with local anesthetics during this time.The dentist must first remove enamel from the tooth to take impressions,which are then sent to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of the crown.Once it arrives at the dentalOffice,it is bonded in place over the NaturalToothStructure.
Crown & Pain. Believe me dentists are more concerned about not giving pain to their patients than the patients. Getting a crown is not generally a painful process. And your dentist will make sure of it. It generally involves local anesthetic. There is even a numbing gel to numb the gum before the shot is given. So no reason to fret. Just show up and be relaxed. And of course communicate with your dentist.
No . You may have slight discomfort from the injection. However you will be numb for the preparation procedure and should not feel much. At the second appointment, you may be numbed as well. You may feel thermal changes however strong pain sound not be a problem. Please tell the dentist if your are overly sensitive.
No. Just like any restorations, as long as adequate anesthesia is provided, getting a dental crown should not hurt.
It shouldn't. The dentist should use local anesthetic to completely numb the area prior to the procedure, so it should not hurt.
No. If you want to know if the procedure hurt or sensitive on teeth, then the best answer is yes. But not always. Everyone has different tolerance in pain. If you expect to have pain for the procedure, then ask more anesthesia from you dentist. It is true if you have a vital tooth, then enough anesthetics is the only way to prevent unwanted pain.