My 7mo just got 2 bottom teeth and now bites me while nursing. How can I stop this behavior? Will I have to wene her?

Latching problem. Sounds like the baby might be having a problem latching on. Speak to a lactating specialists. This is a common problem and is easy to fix.
Possibly. It's natural for a baby to bite with new teeth. Additionally they need to latch on to breast feed. You can try to break the seal by placing your index finger between the mouth and breast-that may help "train" him/her. If that doesn't help, try pumping breast milk/bottle feeding. Don't worry about bonding time, if you're calm and happy, your baby will sense that and you'll both still bond.
Stop when she bites. When she bites you pull her off the breast immediately, firmly tell her no and wait to refeed her. You should not have to wean her if you do not want to.
That's her way.... ..Of telling you to give her something she can sink her teeth into. Once she learns to tell between breast and chew-food, she may stop biting you.