My wife is diabetic, approaching 40, and on multiple medications from hypertension, cholesterol, and anxiety. We are often at odds on room temperature. I tend to be cold natured, but she we'll be burning up. She we'll often be the only one in a room fu

Agree to get along. Options: (1) defer to her temperature preferences; (2) take turns determining the temperature on a given day; (3) compromise somewhere in the middle. Whatever you do, don't let the temperature of the room interfere with your enjoyment of your relationship and what you're doing together, which is far more important.
Need more info, but- Don't see your full question, but you can suggest she discuss with her pcp or gyn ways to manage heat regulation, including reviewing meds. Then sit down with her to explore solutions to managing living arrangements with 2 people with different needs. Creative problem-solving.