My foot is swollen. How do I make it go down if I don't have any medicine?

Ice, elevation, rest. Ice, elevation and compression couples with rest will help the swelling go down if you have had a minor sprain. If this swelling is from any other reason you need to seek medical help to determine the cause. It could be gout, infection or even a clog in an artery or vein.
Depends on cause. If swelling due to trauma, see a doctor. If came on slowly, now worst, especially with shortness of breath, may need to evaluate heart, kidneys, then see doctor. If ok in am, but swelling worst at day's end, may be due to venous incompetence, then go to www. Phlebology. Org, and seek help of phlebologist. If there is pain in ankle, toe joints with swelling, may be arthritis, then see doctor.
RICE! Rest, ice, compress, elevate. If little to no improvement in a day or 2 consult a podiatrist.
Elevate and ice. Generally the best way to reduce swelling is to elevate the limb and apply ice to the area. Soaking in warm water may make it swell worse.
Use compression hose. Had lymphedema of feet and ankle. No longer a probelem.
Elevate limb. If you have had an injury you can apply ice, elevate, rest, and compress seek medical care if symtoms become worse.
Elevate and compress. Elevate the extremity and apply some mild compression with an ace wrap. Depending on the source of the swelling, nsaids might help.