Switched to metformin ER in march, had period in april but missed since. Having some symptoms but have pcos. Could I be pregnant? Neg test so far.

Maybe but doubt. Pcos causes infertility and irregular and usually less bleeding because of anovulation (no eggs released).Metformin has many effects, including increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant in pcos. However if no period since april, and negative pregnancy test, this is unlikely. Most pregnancy tests including at home are very sensitive and pick up changes very early, so likely would be positive no.
Possible but... It's possible to be pregnant and still be too early for a positive pregnancy test. That said, pcos is associated with irregular periods and the metformin does not guarantee regular cycles. Metformin can cause nausea that some people associate with pregnancy but shouldn't be confused as such.

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I have pcos, I take metformin 1day. I'm 5 days late on my period, and this morning I had a negative pregnancy test...Any suggestions?

What are your goals? Pcos causes irregular periods so being late is not a surprise. If you want to have regular periods then schedule a visit to get on birth control. If you are trying to get pregnant schedule a visit to discuss your options. Read more...