I have severe anxiety nd been on several meds. I'm a recovering alcoholic nd doctors will not give me benzos bcuz there afraid of me relapsing w/ alcohol. I've tried Buspar nd tons of others like it that arent addicting but they don't help at all. My anxiet

Work with doctors. Work with your doctors to find safe ways to reduce your anxiety. Non-medical psychotherapeutic techniques are often useful, but they take practice over time. Benzodiazepines increase the risk of relapse into alcohol dependence. Be sure to work with a 12 step program to maintain your sobriety. Have a sponsor. When you are ready, sponsor others.
Anxiety & recovery. Your question was cut off at the end, so i can't see what it is. But it does sound like you've tried many medicines to deal with your anxiety & are frustrated. I hope you're working with a psychiatrist who knows you well, who works with you on meds, and who can also help you access non-pharmaceutical therapies where you can learn new ways of coping. 12 step groups help also. Peace on the journey.