I gave birth a week ago and got an epidural. And now my leg and feet are numb and tingling. How long will this last? And what can I do to fix it?

See your doctor. Please contact your physician immediately regarding this condition. This could be related to your epidural or an injury to your sciatic nerve.
Residual . Neurological changes after an uncomplicated epidural are uncommon. Problems are more likely related to hyperextension of the legs. An evaluation by a neurologist can help identify the problem and offer you possible solutions.
Nerve compression. Believe it or not, your symptoms sound more like nerve compression. You most likely had attendants who helped you by "supporting" your legs and providing too much pressure or flexion. Give it another week and see if you notice improvement. However, if you notice increasing weakness or numbness, call your doc right away for evaluation. It is doubtful that your epidural caused your symptoms.
Time. Most of the time back, leg, and foot symptoms like you are describing are caused by labor and not the epidural. As the baby moves through the birth canal its head can compress and damage many different nerves and that can result in symptoms afterwards. The recovery time for the nerve is variable but can take months to heal.