Will the bone doctor give me a cast if simple fracture?

Same as Other Fractu. As with all fractures, it depends upon the problem. Even with involvement of the growth plate, immobilzation for some, surgical repair for others. The orthopedist knows what is best for the specific situation.

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For my tib bone fracture without surgry is in cast from 40 days & my doctor advised to keep cast for another 5 wks, is it advised to keep cast so long?

May be necessary. Unfortunately a tibia fracture can easily take 2-3 months to heal this would be based on severity of the fracture, your overall health, your age etc actually you might be somewhat lucky as many tibia fractures require surgery to get the best results. In short the cast must be on until the fracture is healed by xray evaluation.

Foot op - due to broken bone, then wore a cast, but after diagnosed with clot in sural vein. Doctors removed the cast to treat. Is this advisable?

Yes. Last thing you want is a clot in your veins that can dislodge and travel to the lungs and cause pulmonary emboli. That is more important than a broken foot for sure.
It sounds. Like the prudent thing to do. If you have a clot, you don't leave the cast on. As long as you are not walking on the foot, i.E using crutches, the bones should be okay.

My daughter falls and then she cannot straighten her arms but she can bend the doc said that the bone is ok no fracture and cast 4 days.

Consider rechecking. It is not unusual to "nurse" an injury, by not bending or straightening out an arm after it's been injured. However, that should last only a few days. If your daughter is still not using her arm after then, you should consider having an xray, unless that was already done, to rule out a small fracture. (i am not sure what you meant by "cast 4 days" with "no fracture") so please repost if needed.
Congenital or post- Traumatic conditons in the elbow can lead to contracture (joint stiffness). Review of xrays can sometimes reveal subtle changes in the bone structure that may not be apparent. Tho in a 2-4 year old nurse maids elbow is common, which has negative xrays, some sublte fractures may also have negative xrfays. The person to ask is the treating doctor who placed the casts.

Will a fracture on a growth plate (on the ankle) extend into nearby bone? Doctor couldn't tell sprain vs. Fracture on X-Ray of ankle.

No, but.. . The real problem is how badly if at all, the growth plate has been injured. This could change the rate of growth. At 16 you may not have too much growth left in the distal tibial. All you can do is watch at this point. I GUESS that you'll be OK.
Unfortunately. It is sometimes difficult or even impossible to tell. You should see a pediatric orthopedic surgery specialist to see if anything needs to be done to minimize long term damage.

Hi, 3 weeks ago I sprained my ankle. Well the first doctor who saw my xrays said that I had broken it but she said it was an odd break. Was put in a cast for a week. Then went back to the fracture clinic and the doctor told me that no bones were broken an

Incomplete question! Your question cut off! Ask again, but you have only 150 characters, including punctuation and spaces. Reading x-rays depends on symptoms, experience, and the clinical picture and the quality of the film, as well as the amount of swelling. Docs who are not radiologists, tend to be more conservative and err on the side of caution on questionable changes that could be fractures but are iffy.
Need a bone and joi. You need a bone and joint radiologist to clarify and recommend appropriate imagng to answer the question. A bone and joint radiologist is specifically trained to look at bones and joints. You may need aditional imaging liek a CT or MRI.