Why am I dizzy and have neck/upper shoulder pain when raising arms?

Probably not related. There is a rare condition called "the subclavian steal syndrome" that causes dizziness when you raise and use your left arm. It can be ruled out on physical exam in the office. Have your doctor check you. Otherwise, the two symptoms are probably not related.

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I've been having this pain in the back of my head closer to my neck, it causes a headache, some dizziness and today it made my left arm/shoulder pain?

Could be a. simple trapezius muscle spasm from over stretching or a problem with the disks or joints in the neck. You're 28, the trapezius spasm/strain is more likely. Try cold packs to sore areas and after looking at an image of it online look for ways to avoid chronic strain during hunching while sitting near computer/reading/sleeping. If the pain doesn't go away in a few days, see your doctor. Read more...