What is the difference between orthotic and prosthetic shoes?

Amputation. Prosthetics deal with replacing a missing part. Orthotics help to support an existing part, or help it to function better.
Transferrablity. An orthotic is an insert that is made to your foot to fit in your shoe and is usually able to be transferred to another shoe. A prosthetic shoe is made for a particular deformity such as a partial amputation of the foot and cannot be removed.

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What's the difference between orthotic shoes and prosthetic shoes?

Prosthetic. Shoes fit an artificial limb. Orthotic shoes are any shoe that holds an othotic. Read more...
See below. I believe you mean orthopedic shoes which are made from a mold of your foot to accomadate foot deformities . Prosthetic shoes would be to go over an artificial foot. Read more...