What is the best diet and exercise for "torn acl" and "meniscal tear"?

BEST DIET- WEIGHT. Loss if obese or overweight, eliminating simple sugars since some evidence suggest it seems to fuel inflammation. Exercise wise, you need to consult with a physical therapist and your orthopoedist.

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MRI 1 = full thickness ACL tear no meniscal damage MRI 2 (10 mnth on) = NO ACL Damage, meniscal tear. Is this at all possible. No injury since.?

Another opinion. This would be extremely rare in terms of an ACL injury. ACL tears rarely "heal" themselves. In the absence of ACL reconstruction or some type of regenerative injection, an ACL tear should still be present on the 2nd MRI. It is possible that a meniscal tear has developed since the 1st MRI, especially if the ACL is not functioning. Obtain another ortho and/or radiologist opinion to get clarification.
Very confusing- -were the MRI's done on the same machine & interpreted by the same Radiologist? If different that could cause the confusion. Also the slices on the MRI are subject 2 table positioning as well as how thick the slices were an MRI with images every 5mm looks different from 2 or 3mm slices. Someone should compare the scans side by side, preferably by a different Radiologist.

Can a torn ACL and partially torn meniscus cause long term knee damage?

Yes. Without surgical rx of both acl & meniscus. U r left with serious mechanical & instability issues in ur knee that will lead 2 wearing of the joint surfaces and arthritis early on. @ ur young age it needs to b fixed now.

I have a ruptured ACL an meniscal tear m scared of the hamstring graft what will happen if I don't go ahead with the opp?

Arthritis. A chronic acl tear and meniscal tear can lead to arthritic changes of your knee joint at an early age. Hamstring acl reconstruction has a lower rate of arthritis than some of the other popular grafts.
Options. At 18, if you are active you really should have the acl fixed. The risks of not having it fixed include having continued instability to your knee, pain and locking. There are different graft options beside your hamstrings. Patella tendon is an option, also a cadaver graft can be used. Talk to your surgeon about these options.