What can cause pain in the leg bone from below the knee down?

Popliteal lesions. Is the symptom only at rest or while active? Popliteal space is behind the knee. Baker's cysts compress the tibial nerve, adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery and popliteal entrapment (artery compression by the popliteus muscle) should be in the differential diagnosis. Possible patellar (knee) arthritis or tibial nerve injury can also be assessed.

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I'm obesed 340 lost 30 knees & leg pain poss bone n bone dr wont consider knee replacement also have COPD trying to lose more weight what options have?

Delay surgery. Based on your present state of health, proceeding with total knee replacement surgery now will put you at increased risk for medical complications and infection. A knee replacement surgery is safest to perform when the patient's bmi is under 40 and any medical conditions you may have are under good control. Ask your surgeon for a preop physical therapy referral to help with weight loss now.
Lose more weight. For every 1 lb. A person is over-weight, the knee sees 4 lbs. This leads to pain and arthritis. Obese patients have more surgical complications like wound healing and infection than non-obese patients. In addition, the implants don't last as long. Injections with products like synvisc (r) can help. Patients with arthritis who exercise have less joint pain than those who don't exercise.