Should I exercise with a fractured ulna?

No. Ulna's can have trouble healing stillness is required to get the bone ends to heal cast plate stillness is best.
Ulna fracture . Once it is stable and healing you can exercise under supervised conditions ask your doctor to Give you the specifics .

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What are possible solutions to a fractured ulna?

Cast or surgery. The ulna fracture if is not displaced you could treat him cast, if displaced you need to do surgery for it. Read more...

I have been in a splint for 4 and a half weeks for a fractured ulna is it ok to take it off now?

Need X-rays. Only x-rays can answer this question. The bone must be healed before immobilization is terminated. Some ulna fractures can take 8 weeks or more to heal. Do not assume it is healed, without x-rays. Read more...

I had a severe injury in may of this year. Fractured ulna and dislocation of elbow. Any comments re: surgery?

Monteggia? A fracture of the ulna w/ associated radial head subluxation / dislocation (@ elbow) is known as a monteggia fx./ dislocation. If recognized treatment is orif of the ulna( plating) and reduction of the radial head dislocation.( it usually reduces spontaneously after fixing ulna)... Read more...