My mother is 70 years old, weak bones, weak muscles, weak tendons. What is a great supplement for her?

Vitamin d3 2,000 IU. The single best supplement to address these concerns in addition to a balanced diet would be vitamin d3 2, 000 iu daily. Strong bones are needed to be able to build stong muscles and tendons. Vitamin d is frequently lacking. Calcium is usually sufficient in most individuals diet. Vitamin d deficiency is also linked with depression and loss of cognition.

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My mother is 90 years old, weak bones, weak muscles. What is a great supplement?

Calcium and vit D. Adults with thin bones, called osteopenia, benefit from taking about 1200-1500 mg of calcium daily, along with about 800 units of vitamin d. Osteoporosis is a more severe form of thin bones that may require a medication to help prevent broken bones. 800 units/day of vit d also can help prevent falls in older persons. A good iphone reference for general screening is my health checklist 2012. Read more...