Looking for orthopedic doctor who does sports medicine also. Are there such people?

Yes. Yes, there is a board certification for sports medicine, available to many specialties (family practice, physiatry/rehabilitation medicine, etc). There is a separate subspecialty certification for orthopedic sports medicine available to orthopedic surgeons who complete a sports fellowship program.
Sure. Sure, look for fellowship trianed doctors at find a doc from the american orthopaedic society for sports medicine.
Sports medicine. An orthopedic surgeon may have substantial experience and/or fellowship training in order to obtain a certificate of additional qualification. Some excellent orthopedic sports medicine physicians.
Yes. Yes, there are sports medicine orthopaedists. It is an official subspecialty of orthopaedics. There are also sports medicine physiatrists (non-surgical) who specialize in athletic/musculoskeletal injuries. There are many drs that are board certified in sports medicine. Look for this.