Is it possible to go back to work the same day after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Possible, but..... Is it possible that one is an investment banker and drive from li to nyc directly from the surgical suite after taking oxycodone, weave in and out of cars (no traffic at 2pm), avoid getting pulled over by cops, almost causing an accident/ /multiple injuries/fatalities on the way, in order to get to that meeting because one feels that it's crucial to be at the meeting to close a $1b deal? Sure.
Knee surgery. Anything is possible. However, it's better not to stress the knee and to allow some healing instead of aggravating the knee by returning to work -so no you should not return to work until instructed by your surgeon.

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What is causing the back of my knee to hurt? I took a step forward and the back go my knee popped. I had arthroscopic knee surgery please help

Sounds like. rupture of small tendon. But it could be DVT or something even more serious. Best to consult with your doctor. Read more...
Knee pop postop. When was your knee surgery performed/? What was accomplished? IT is not unusual to experienced some pain ,popping and swelling of arming amounts for first several weeks postop. Try ice ,NSAIDs and avoid kneeling ,stairs. Check with your surgeon if things persist. Read more...