Is it imperative to get surgery to repair a shattered knee cap immediately?

Yes. The kneecap or patella is very important for appropriate knee motion. If its a serious fracture in multiple pieces, then i would seriously consider surgery. It generally will heal much better if the pieces are put back together! its much more complicated but the final result is very important--poor healing will lead to even worse arthritis and more problems down the road.

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I have a very painful lump or knot under my left knee cap. What is this called? I'm having surgery next tuesday to get it removed.

Ask your MD. Ask your orthopedic doctor what is being removed from beside your kneecap... Could be several things @ your age; ?Lipoma, bipartite patella fragment, loose body, osteochondroma of distal femur, etc.Best of luck. Read more...

I have been diagnosed with floating knee caps after a car accident where I toe some muscles around my knee. It was recommended that I get surgery at 14 and that I'd never run, jump or do anything fun. I'm now 31 but my knee locks sometimes. I'm usually ap

See a knee doctor. it looks like your injury cought up with you, the locking mechanism mean there is a structural dmage mostly could be a tear in the cartilage. see a knee doctor, between a good examination, MRI, or arthroscopy they will find what is wrong and how to fix it. Read more...