What is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (or nafld)?

See below. This is a disease where fat is abnormally deposited in the liver. It can lead to inflammation and ultimately cirrhosis. It is the most common liver disease in the US and is related to obesity, diabetes, elevated triglycerides and genetics.
NAFLD advan in 15% Major Co Contributors 1.Type II DM 2.Dyslipedemia 3.Obesity 4.Metabolic Syndrome, presence may progress NAFLD to NASH.
Typically, NAFLD and NASH are silent diseases. They have no symptoms. even with Cirrhosis, In these pts, Liver Stiffness should be measured to asses liver Fibrosis and Fat by MRI, & Fibro Scan
Agents which work Vt.E 800 iu daily & Pioglitazone. Weight Loss >7-10% .
Unhealthy liver. This is a condition commo or associated with obesity but may be caused by other conditions where excess fat accumulates in the liver and may impair liver function. Many liver diseases are commonly associated with alcoholic intake and this distinguishes it form that cause.

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I'm diagnose with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, any tips on reversing this matter?

Fatty liver. I presume the diagnosis was made by your doctor. If he/she has not fully explained this to you it would be wise to make another visit so you have a better understanding. If you have not seen a liver specialist (gastroenterologist) about this you must have your doctor refer you. Read more...

A relative of mine was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease, can this be reversed?

Yes it is possible. This condition is a metabolic disorder often associated with diabetes and overweight conditions. If this person can reduce weight by doing daily exercise and cutting on daily intake of food/ calories, liver may recover but the weight has to go down to normal and daily exercise is a must and should be continued for the long term. Read more...

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Told to eat high fat, low carb? And what are the #s of (low carb)

60 grams QD or so. No sugar, keep carbs to about 20 per meal. This is the equvialent of a slice of bread or an apple, 1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 cup spaghetti per meal fatty liver is caused to a large degree by the production in the liver of triglycerides in the process of storing sugars. Fructose is the worst of the sugars because it cannot be directly burned in the krebs cycle must first be stored as trig by liver. Read more...
Add Vt E natural sou. Help treat NAFLD and NASH: Eat more low-glycemic index foods—such as most fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods affect your blood glucose less than high-glycemic index foods, such as white bread, white rice, and potato.Limit your intake of Fats, are high in calories and increase your chance of Obesity. Limit your portion sizes.Avoid foods/Drinks with simple sugars esp. FRUCTOSE. Read more...