I tore my acl, MCL and lcl and the orthopedist said my leg is still too stiff to do surgery so when?

3 weeks after injury. In general, we have found that surgery on an acl makes a knee much stiffer when done immediately after injury. The mechanism is not certain, but most of our studies support this notion. The lcl, however, needs to be repairs within 3 weeks of injury, or we must resort to a reconstruction. Because of this, a combined acl and lcl injury is either performed at one time at 3 weeks or is staged.

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I tore my mcl, ACL and meniscus in jan and now im starting therapy to bend my knee will I be able to fully bend it again before surgery?

Maybe. Depends primarily on the size, type and location of the meniscal tear. The torn cartilage may block your motion or simply cause too much pain when trying to bend the knee. Read more...

How come I can't bear weight on my leg even with crutches 5 days after an acl/mcl/meniscus surgery?

Lots of surgery. Usually weight bearing is allowed after ACl surgery, but depending on swelling and pain, you may not be able to bear weight. If the meniscus was repaired, weight bearing may not be allowed to reduce the stress on the meniscus repair. Again, an MCL reconstruction causes pain and swelling that may cause difficulty with weight bearing. Read more...