I have had knee meniscus operation and have to go back for ACL rebuild. Quack?

Hard to judge. Every patient is an individual case with many variables to contribute to a given result. An acl instability allows medial meniscus tears to occur. So there are certainly cases where a patient would undergo meniscus surgery to avoid a bigger operation, then find that the acl still needs to be addressed. If you are unsure, i recommend a second opinion to go over everything before the next surgery!
Second opinion. If there is any question in your mind about the appropriateness of a procedure you should get a second opinion. Half of the battle in a doctor-patient relationship is trust, if you are the slightest concerned then ask someone else to take a look at your case. Hope that this helps.

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I had ACL surgery 2 yrs ago and I have bad pain on the inside of my knee. Meniscus wasn't repaired.?

Meniscus=NotRepaired. by surgery. Only tears/pieces removed which may get trapped in narrow joint spaces & further compound cartilage damage. A likely better approach: combine Nutrasense glucosamine+chondroitin (molecular building blocks of cartilage, US produced) twice daily plus guidance from a physical therapist experienced in Robin McKenzie methods of teaching people how to recover function better than surgery. Read more...

6 months after an ACL surgery and meniscus repair and knee is still unstable? What could be the reason? Thanks

Knee instability. Depending on how long you were immobilized after surgery, you may have weakness in the affected limb/knee and should be going to or have gone for Physical Therapy. If it is still unstable, have a repeat MRI to make sure the surgery was performed properly and that the ligament has healed properly. Read more...