How much pain after acl/meniscus repair?

Variable. There are a number of methods used for acl reconstructions, each with varying amounts of associated pain. Using your own patella tendon or hamstring as a graft will also increase the pain level. I have been performing all-inside acl reconstructions where patients often have pain not unlike a regular knee scope. In those cases I have to admonish my patients not to do too much after surgery!

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How much pain is there after acl/meniscus repair surgery?

Variable. That depends on a number of factors: 1) allograft or autograft - when using your own tendon (either patellar tendon or hamstring tendon), the donor site (where we get the tendon) typically hurts more than the acl reconstruction. 2) type of acl reconstruction - some surgeons are performing "all-inside" acl reconstructions that have significantly less surgical pain, 3) individual pain tolerance.

How long do I have to wait after an ACL repair and meniscus repair to begin rehab?

It depends. You need to be nonweight bearing, but you also need to maintain range of motion and flexibility. Rehab will take months, but typically it starts right after surgery. Your surgeon will probably have one physical therapy group that he/she uses primarily that follows a very specifc protocol for this type of complex procedure.
Right away. We usually begin physical therapy a few days after surgery. Full return to contact sports can take up to nine months.

How long would it take before I can walk again, ACL and meniscus repair. Separate operations?

Ask surgeon. This question depends on several things: 1) surgical technique, 2) meniscal status, 3) quad control. 4) pain, 5) swelling. Your therapist and surgeon will be able to help you figure out what is best for you. Note that any meniscal repair may slow your ability to put weight on your leg to protect the repair, but is worth it in the long run (prevent arthritis). Hope this helps.

Nwb 4 how long approx or not at all? After ACL recon, MCL repair, medial and lateral meniscus repair. Just approx I know everyone is different. Thanks

Enough. I personally had those surgeries (spare the mcl) and I was immediately wb... And then had to have my meniscus revised and then did non-wb in full extension for a month and it worked.
2 weeks. Usually it is non weightbearing for at least 2 weeks, you may need crutches fora litlle longer as you beging putting weight on the leg.