How long after a broken hip surgery is a person be permitted to walk without walker?

It varies. It depends on the nature, severity, & type of break as well as the general condition of the person and bone quality. On average 8-12 weeks.

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How long after a broken hip surgery will a person be permitted to walk?

Next Day. There are typically 4 types of orthopedic implants for hip fractures. 1. Cannulated screws 2. Sliding hip screw 3. Cephalomedullary nail and 4. Partial or total hip replacement implants. With all implants some sort of weight bearing is allowed immediately. It is the reason we fix most hip fractures, to prevent complications associated with bedrest. I let all patients bear weight as pain allows.
Depends. Depends on how it is fixed. In most cases immediately.

How long will it take to fully recover from broken hip surgery?

6 months. It depends on the type and severity of the fracture. Generally 12 weeks to heal & 12 weeks of rehab.