How can anxiety cause heart arrhythmias?

Sinus arrhythimia. This is the kind of heart arrhythmia that anxiety can cause and is a normal heart beat that happens to be irregular in timing. The high rate is similar to when you exercise. Since heart is pumping normally during sinus arrhythmia, it is harmless (other than causing more anxiety). Also, they tend to be short and self-limited, especially if anxiety is relieved.
Anxiety. Not cause but possible effect of irregular heart beats.

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4 the past wk, the littlest anxiety causes my heart to arrhythmia-skip beat mult times. Diet same, exercise reg for 1 month. On anti-hist. Ideas?

Don't worry. When you skip a beat you get back-up beats sowing that your back-up system is intact. This is very common To rassure patients you can do an exercise stress test to rassure that you don't do something scary at peak exercise, but almost always these just reassure an anxious patient with magic. Your medications are no problem.
Needs eval soon. This could be something not serious like an adverse effect from your antihistamine. But it could also be something very serious. Heart beat irregularities occurring that often or multiple times in a row can be serious. You absolutely need to get into your doctor THIS WEEK to have it evaluated. You need a good exam of heart including rate, blood pressure and EKG, and then go form there. MAKE APPT!!

Can social anxiety cause arrhythmia? In stressful situations my heart rate goes up and then I start to experience short and nasty beat irregularities.

Yes. But I will recommend to get a holter test and an ekg if you haven't done it to r/o a real arrhythmia or conduction abnormality. Also avoid excess of coffe, energy drinks and if other symptoms like headaches, sweating, heat intolerance, tremors are present get a thyroid test. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.

Anxiety a possible cause of heart arrhythmias?

Anxiety. Not cause but possible effect of irregular heart beats.
Anxiety. Can be both a cause and an effect of arrhythmia. The stress of the anxiety itself can trigger arrhythmia. An arrhythmia can definitely produce anxiety..........

What causes heart arrhythmia?

Many causes. Anything from an extra cup of coffee, to an odd mitral valve (mine makes my heart go off like an alarm clock if I forget to exercise) to the quivering death throes of a heart in massive heart attack. Whole books are written; thankfully we can do a lot more today for hearts that beat in odd ways.

Can palpitations or an arrhythmia cause brief, severe, and rhythmic pain in the heart?

Yes, . Symptoms can vary, depending on the severity of the condition. If the arrhythmia is intermittent and comes and goes, the symptoms develop suddenly, and can go just as suddenly. Symptoms can include: palpitations (an abnormal awareness of your heartbeat). But note: sensations of palpitations are also common in people who do not have an arrhythmia.