Help with osteoarthitis in my ankle needed. How long do I have before it needs joint replacement?

Don't know. There is no definite time frame. It will depend on how much pain you have and how much disability.
Ankle Replacement. Ankle replacement relies on strict patient selection criteria. Patients that are young and active are not typically appropriate for the procedure as the implant is likely to fail in your lifetime and another procedure required. Therefore, in these patient populations, fusion remains the gold standard. This is a topic that you will need to discuss in detail with a surgeon to discuss your options.
A few more years. You are too young for an ankle replacement. You should look for a good foot and ankle surgeon who can do an ankle arthroscopy and clean out your joint. This should give you some time and hopefully keep you away from more aggressive surgeries.Younger people tend to go the course of a fusion and older people for a replacement. Talk to Dr. regarding your options.

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Is there a way to treat osteoarthritis except doing surgery for joint replacement?

It depends. It depends of the type of arthritis and the severity of involvement. Replacement is indicated when it is the end of the line and all conservative therapy has failed. Read more...