Fractured thumb-is it okay to take the splint off for a little while?

Sure, but be careful. Most likely if your in a splint your fracture is not significantly displaced. Don't use the thumb for anything while it is out of the splint and limit your time out of the splint to personal hygiene only. Follow your doctors instructions and get follow-up x-rays. Ice and elevated to control pain and swelling.

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How to treat a fractured thumb?

Thumb fractures. Can involve the articular surface, a tendon attachment, or be assocaited with an unappreciated loss of motion, typical treatment may involve splint or thumb spica cast even when it seems late. Of course there are surgical options too but a ot dpends upon specifics i, the presence of shortening or malroation or loss of abduction and what pattern the X-ray reveals all factor in. Read more...