Dull but aching pain in my leg?

Seek help. Aching pain in legs has many causes: prolonged standing/sitting, excessive exercise, side effect when taking a statin drug for cholesterol-lowering, venous incompetence. Go to www.Phlebology.Org and seek help of a phlebologist who can sort things out for you.

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Hi im been having a dull aching pain in my thighs and legs and I was wondering what it could be... Its not all the time just here. And there also I've been having knee pain and im 28 yrs old?

Can be too active. If you exercise a lot, like bike riding, this can cause pain in your thighs and legs. It would explain your knee pain also. A lot of bending over, like during housework or gardening, can do it too. I would say take it easy for a few days, and if your pain persists, see your doctor to see if there is some other cause. Some simple painkillers, like Aspirin or tylemol, or advil (ibuprofen) can also help. Read more...