I got dried blood in nostrils after rhinoplasty. Is packing ok?

All ok. Clean the scabs with hydrogen peroxide on qtips and then apply antibiotic ointment. See you doctor as planned for follow up.
Clean gently. Dried blood in the nostrils following rhinoplasty is normal. It is best to gently clean the dried blood with a dilute peroxide solution (50-50) and a q-tip. You only need to clean the blood around the rim of the nostril and you don't need to disturb any packing. Apply antibiotic ointment to keep the nose moist and avoid further adherence of dried blood to the nostril.
Normal. Dried blood is normal after rhinoplasty. Packing can be used in specific circumstances but is general out of favor for most rhinoplasty surgeons currently.
Yes. Normal. Packing can be removed at any time during a 7 day postoperative course. I normally remove mine on day 1 if it is a primary (first) rhinoplasty. If it is a revision, i remove it on day 3 after surgery.