Do you get a cast when you fracture an elbow?

Yes. This type of fracture will need to be treated with a cast.
Depends. It really depends on the type of fracture, but yes, many elbow fractures will require initial casting. Very minor fractures may just be treated in a sling initially. The key to elbow fractures is to restore range of motion as soon as possible, typically starting at 2 - 3 weeks, so the cast is often switched to a hinged brace at that point.

Related Questions

Where can I get a cast for a fractured elbow?

See your doctor. This is a problem that necessitates a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. This will allow him/her to examine you, ask specific questions. And possibly order tests to find out what's wrong and what to do to help you.

What should I expect for a fractured elbow cast being removed after three weeks?

Elbow fracture. You will likely be very stiff after cast is removed. Elbow range-of-motion exercises with a trained physical therapist is probably appropriate. Make sure you are compliant with your treating doctor's recommendations as he/she will customize your treatment based on the fracture pattern and healing.
Stiffness Soreness. Expect stiffness after you come out of the cast. Your elbow will also be sore, it usually takes about six weeks for a fracture to heal. In the elbow we usually remove the cast earlier because you can lose a lot of elbow motion if it's in a cast too long.

For what length of time do I have to wear a cast for a tiny fracture in my elbow?

What bone is it? Some fractures around the elbow, like an impacted radial head fracture, may only need to be splinted for a week or two. A fracture into the joint as with the capitellum or olecanon might need casting or surgery then casting for several weeks.

I have a fractured elbow, in a splint. Is it okay to request a cast?

Sure. A splint is usually a temporary form of immobilization and is a good thing to use during the acute phase of an injury. After swelling has peaked, a cast can be placed to further immobilize the fracture. Just remember that a cast can not be removed like a splint can and has to be kept clean and dry.

What to do for child who fracture their elbow, how long for the cast and healing?

Depends on fx type. The length for immobilization depends of the fracture pattern and displacement. Supracondylar fxs are casted for 3-4 weeks, lateral condyle for 6 weeks, minimally displaced radial head for a little time as possible to promote motion. For all fractures waiting a full 8-12 weeks before return to full impact activities is always the best.
FRACTURE ELBOW. Bring him to MD for treatment. The cast usually last x 6 weeks. For a child having fracture, there is usually no problem it will heal back to normal.

I fell and landed on my elbow yesterday. Today it hurts when I stretch/bend it. Do I have a fracture? I would like to avoid getting a cast. Thank you!

Fracture. Usually fractures cause swelling in the area. If you can bend your elbow chance of dislocation is low. If pain is severe and cannot bend ur elbow or rotate ur forearm, seek medical help asap. Otherwise you could give it 10 days and see whether it is getting better. If not, seek medical help.
X-ray. Unfortunately the only way to really answer this question is with an x-ray. Even if the x-ray does not show a definite fracture, your doctor may see suspicious findings which lead him to order further testing such as a ct or MRI to definitively evaluate whether a fracture is present or not.