Can you run again after having big toe joint replacement?

Caution. I would use caution with how much activity you do. Joint implants are not intended for a tremendous amount of high impact activity. They wear out faster. The newer implants, however, are much better in that respect. Just use be aware of the limitations of the implant.
Yes. The joint is designed to alleviate pain and restore function.
Yes. I have many patients that can return to normal activity including running following a great toe joint replacement. The risks long term is that a joint replacement has a limited life so as you age, running may become difficult and the joint replacement may need to be removed or fitted with another implant. Often some patient require a joint fusion later.

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Has any one done a toe joint replacement?

Yes. They have had great toe implants for more than 50 years. They work well for replacing a stiff painful arthritic 1st metatartsal-phalangeal joint. Read more...
Yes. It is usually done for chronic joint pain or loss of funtion of the joint, or severe joint injury. Read more...

Hemi-cap grt toe joint replacement 8 yrs ago. Past year joint is stiff, limited ROM, painful& "lack of purchase". What is recommended?

Call your surgeon. If your surgeon is not accessible to you, look for a joint replacement surgeon in your area for a consultation. May need X-rays, but need to start with a good history and examination. Hope this helps! Read more...