What is good to eat when lactose intolerant?

Lactaid products or: Try many of the tasty lactaid products(cheese milk ice cream) or use lactase pills, found in most stores...Follow the directions on the bottle , they are usually very helpful in allowing you to eat many dairy products..
Avoid Cow Milk. You can instead find products like cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream made of soy, oat, rice, almonds, coconut milk, or hemp milk. Usually they can be found in health food stores or in the organic/health department of a grocery store.
Lactaid milk is fine. The university of rochester medical center pediatric nutrition web page has a long list of lactose-free foods (plus things to avoid): www.Urmc.Rochester.Edu/childrens-hospital/nutrition/lactose-free.Cfm lactose intolerant persons (over age 3 yr) can always take lactaid chewables or tablets with meals or snacks that contain lactose. Lactaid milk is fine, and comes as whole, lowfat, or nonfat milk.